The CNC Machines and Laser Pages

If you don't know it, CNC stands for computer numerical control. It is sort of a general term for a machine that is computerized. What does this mean? It means that you don't have to stand at the scroll saw for hours. Or it means you can get a intarsia pattern drawn by someone in Russia last night, and cut it in your shop today, without being in the shop!! The possibilities are endless, unfortunately the available information on the subject is too complex for most hobbyists to use. Over the years the real goal of this web site, is to present to novice, a way to computerize their crafts. Also the goal is to show crafty ways of building machines. This page may not look very exciting, but there is a lot here.

Laser cuttable PLA laminated fabric board Kickstarter project,Fabn of the Month Club. 1/14/14

The laser introduction, my laser cutting experiences 1/13/01

The Tile Cutting Journal 3/21/00 This is all about my adventures in cutting very small tiles out of glass and stone.

Current news on the inlay and mosaic software 3/21/00

My home built CNC router May 1998


Camtronics, home of low cost stepper motor controllers