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House By the Lake

Can you identify this marquetry work?

Woodland Design

What is Marquetry?

Marquetry on furniture

Wood Inlay a 40 page book on marquetry and inlay with over 50 figures.

Wood Marquetry Book Reviews

Marquetry Links

Paddle Fancy This site is pretty neat, here is a quote, "Each paddle is decorated by the ancient art of marquetry. In marquetry the artist uses veneers of different species of wood as their medium to create a picture or design that is then framed, or in this case, inlaid into a paddle. " -- Canoe paddles!!

Inlay Product World 

A Marquetry Page sponsored by The Chelmsford Marquetry Group, in Essex, England

The Marquetry Craft Company is a specialized company dealing only with marquetry products and associated equipment.
They are situated in Australia but ship through-out the world.


Constantines woodworker's catalog inlay section

Hudson River Inlay

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Inlay Product World is largest supplier of stock and custom wood inlay strips, marquetry medallions, and all sorts of related items.

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