Marquetry Books

Marquetry is a subject difficult to explain without a picture. You can click on most of these pictures for a high resolution version of the image.

One book we have available online in full text and figures is Wood Inlay. It was printed back in 1937 by the Chicago Park District. There is about 40 pages and 60 figures. It was financed by the WPA during the depression.

The mother of all marquetry books is MARQUETRY by Pierre Ramond

It runs about $69 from The Catalog from Woodworkers' Discount Books

ISBN 0-942391-19-5

The back

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Close-up of the chair.

Notice the burl on the belltower.

Marquetry in straw!!

To the left

a box.

To the right

the inside.

The next selection is The Marquetry Manual, by William A Lincoln

Just as informative but less pictures. 1/3 the price.

It runs about $19 from The Catalog from Woodworkers' Discount Books

ISBN 0-941936-19-8

The back

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The Art of Marquetry in Eighteenth Century Russia

Sovietskaya Rossia Publishers


ISBN 5-268-00740-8

This is a great book if you know how to read Russian. If not it still has a lot of pictures in it for armchair traveling.

Chinese Palace Museum

Interior decoration of minor Chinese study

I am completely amazed at the parquetry floors in this book. Hopefully the publishers will come out with an English version, or translation software gets strong quick.

Notice the marquetry work on the dresser.

According to the caption this is a buglework wall panel.

This is interesting. What are buglework panels? What are they made out of? As of 12 August, 1997 nothing on the internet matched the key work "buglework"

This is as about close as I could scan the book. My question is that mosaic work or is it fabric?


To the right is the superstructure of the desk to the right. I it's hard to see but there is marquetry work all over the front of it.

Parquet floor in bedchamber, in some nice "house" in Russia.

To the right detail of Parquetry floor

The "Sacrestia Delle Messe"

Of the Florentine Cathedral

By Margaret Haines

Cassa di Risparmio di Firenze


Not a book on marquetry, but on the work in a Florentine cathedral. Interesting.

To the left a marquetry room!

To the right a detail in the room. Note the 3-d illusions. What look like cabinets are really flat.

Marquetry : The How-To-Do-It Book

Jack Garside is the author.